How long is the production time?

If the stock is not ready, we’ll do made to order in 3 weeks production time after the payment.
production time excluding shipping time.

Could we change the shoes color?

Yes.. it can be as long as the color leather supplies still available.

Are the results will be exactly the same as shown in the website (shoekashoes.com)?

Photos that we display on this website are original photos of our products, there would be a difference in color. This is because the availability of leather is not stable. But we will find as closely as possible with photos.


What is the terms and conditions of the payments?

We will need a min IDR 100.000 down payment (DP) to start the works on your order and another repayment must be paid after the order is completed, before the goods are shipped.

What are the payment method acceptable?

You can make the payment via electronic transfer to our bank account (BCA/BRI/Bank Mandiri). You can also make the payment by pay pal and western union. please keep the transfer slip until we confirmed that the transfer has been received.


What kind of leather do you use?

We use finish leather (pull up or nappa), nubuck leather and suede leather.

How is the leather���s quality?

We only use the best leather quality, which is A grade leather.


What about shipping? Can the goods be shipped out of town or abroad?

We can ship our products out of the city or country using the expedition we have entrusted. As JNE, TIKI, Forum, Pos Indonesia(EMS), and DHL.

Who would bear the cost of shipping?

In this case, shoeka shoes simply as the manufacturer and is not part of the service delivery, product prices do not include shipping.

How shoeka shoes responsibility for shipment? 

Shoes Shoeka responsibility only up to send the goods via freight shipping and give shipping receipt number as a proof to consumers.  Once the goods are received by the expedition, responsibility is no longer on shoeka shoes, but on the courier. So the delay, loss, and damage due to freight is not our responsibility. If there is a delay in shipping, then it is the responsibility of the expedition. Shoeka Shoes will help track down and monitor shipments as a consumer.

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