About Us

Established on July 5, 2011. Shoeka offers the marketplace a unique collection of handmade shoes cultivated with quality, passion and dedication. All the materials for each shoes are coming from indonesian local sources and individually hand-cut. Each shoe is produced by Indonesian shoes artisans. With a touch of handmade spirit, each shoe is signed by its maker as a testament to the sense of pride for the maker as well as its wearer.

Shoeka keep exploring different ideas,that always filled with the inspiration that drives the company. Local crafting, a folk-urban aura , and of course, hardy craftsmanship.

Shoeka Office and Store:
Jalan Danau Ranau, G6-J9 kav-F, Sawojajar-Malang
OPEN : SAT-WED, 1-5pm

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# Phone ——- +62 856 4990 1351
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# shoeka shoes available by phone at Saturday up to Wednesday